Medicina Intensiva Medicina Intensiva
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August - September 2014
Vol. 38. Num. 6.
Pages 337-402

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Vol. 38. Num. 6. August - September 2014 Pages 337-402
This is the last issue available in English language
Role of plasma procalcitonin in the diagnosis of ventilator-associated pneumonia: Systematic review and metaanalysis
J.C. Sotillo-Díaz, E. Bermejo-López, P. García-Olivares, J.A. Peral-Gutiérrez, M. Sancho-González, J.E. Guerrero-Sanz
Med Intensiva.2014;38:337-46
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Prevention of venous thromboembolic disease in the critical patient: An assessment of clinical practice in the Community of Madrid
P. García-Olivares, J.E. Guerrero, M.J. Tomey, A.M. Hernangómez, D.O. Stanescu
Med Intensiva.2014;38:347-55
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TLR2–TLR4/CD14 polymorphisms and predisposition to severe invasive infections by Neisseria meningitidis and Streptococcus pneumoniae
J.J. Tellería-Orriols, A. García-Salido, D. Varillas, A. Serrano-González, J. Casado-Flores
Med Intensiva.2014;38:356-62
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Definition and biomarkers of acute renal damage: New perspectives
M. Seijas, C. Baccino, N. Nin, J.A. Lorente
Med Intensiva.2014;38:376-85
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Lesser accidental arterial catheter removal with the femoral access than with the cubital, dorsalis pedis and brachial arterial accesses
L. Lorente, L. Lorenzo, R. Santacreu, A. Jiménez, J. Cabrera, C. Llanos, M.L. Mora
Med Intensiva.2014;38:391-3
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